The EGIDIER MUSIKWERSTATT e.V., in cooperation with the church congregation of St Egidien (St Giles’) Church in Nuremberg, offers a scholarship for talented vocal students.

Programme Focus
  • promoting skills in ensemble singing, in particular in ensemble practice of repertoire of the 15th and 16th centuries (once voice per part)
  • expanding soloist skills and increasing repertoire (in particular of early Baroque
  • working out singer’s own concert programmes, both in ensemble and as a soloist
  • providing basic knowledge about performance issues of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, in particular dealing with meantone temperament, Baroque temperaments, and the practice of ornamentation of these periods. This will also include specific basic and advanced courses given by third parties.

Financial Support
  •  monthly scholarship of 300 Euros for the duration of a semester, starting 15 October or 15 April respectively, with an option of extension
  • provision of all music and course materials free of charge

The following commitments are part of the scholarship
  • regular weekly rehearsals of about 4 hours. If necessary individual rehearsals and special rehearsals for concerts. Rehearsals during university holidays subject to agreement.
  •  adequate preparation for all rehearsals
  • about 2 concerts / music projects per semester (partly in cooperation with stage directors, choreographers or visual artists)
  • performance at church services subject to agreement (around one service per month with solo literature – focus on early Baroque – or music for ensemble of soloists – focus on Renaissance or early Baroque)
  • additional possibility of paid performances at weddings

Application Process
Conditions of Scholarship

  • previous music education
  • limiting age: 35 years
  • university study of music desirable, but not a condition
  • students of other subjects may apply, if equally suited/talented
  • readiness to commit around 8-10 hours per week
Applications in writing by email to:

  • informal application with motivation letter (maximum 2 pages A4)
  • CV in tabular form
  • references (e.g. letter of recommendation from teacher of main subject or choral conductor) (optional)
  • repertoire list 
  • audio / video recordings (optional)

Selection Process

  • after review of applications received, invitation to interview and audition


Bärbel Sturm
Friedrichstraße 16
90408 Nürnberg